José Manuel Morais Anes, born in Lisbon in 1944.

He made the compulsory Military Service, as Military Officer, from 1967 to 1970, and was mobilized to Angola from October 1968 to October 1970, where he was Psychological Action Officer in the Post Office Detachment and then in the 5th. RMA Headquarters – Military Region of Angola, responsible for the “Jornal da RMA”. It is since his demobilization, Lieutenant Militian on availability.
A researcher of spirituality and religiosity (from old to new, from peaceful to violent, from exoteric to esoteric), he has been studying Quinta da Regaleira since 1989, and has begun to publish various articles and books on the work of Carvalho Monteiro and Luigi Manini, 1990-91. He has been one of the greatest disseminators of Regaleira, particularly in its symbolic, mythical and initiatory dimension.

He is the author and co-author of about 30 books and articles in the field of alternative spiritualities and religiosities, including “Hermetic Re-creations I and II” (1996, 1997) – “Fernando Pessoa and the Esoteric Worlds” (3rd Ed. 2006), “Another look – the esoteric face of Portuguese culture (2006),” “The initiatory gardens of Quinta da Regaleira (2007), “Alchemy, Contemporary Alchemists and New Religious Movements” (2009) – summary of his PhD thesis – “Regaleira” (1st Ed. 2004, 2nd Ed. , ” Symbolic Guide of the Quinta da Regaleira.

From 1995 to 2000 Grão-Prior and G.M. Nacional of the Great Independent Priory of Lusitania of the Order of C.B.C.S. – Rectified Scottish Rite or Regime and then, from 2001 to 2004, Grand Master of GLLP / GLRP, where he founded in 1990/1 Loja Quinto Império and later moved to Loja Teixeira de Pascoaes. It has several Decorations, Orders and Degrees of various Rites and Regimes, national and foreign. He is currently an active member of the English Lodges and Chapters: UGLE Internet Lodge, Lancaster Chapter, Rose & Lilly Lodge by Mark Master Mason & Royal Ark Mariner and Oxford Council of the Royal and Selected Masters).
He holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, respectively in 1973 and 1975. He was a research collaborator at the Chemistry-Physics and Radiochemistry Center of the (former) Instituto de Alta Cultura, from 1973 to 1976 and had a scholarship from the Spanish Government for a Postgraduate in Madrid in 1977/78, the Faculty of Sciences of the Complutense University and the Institute of Chemistry-Physics Rocasolano “of the” Higher Institute of Scientific Research ” .
He was assistant of the Chair of Biomathematics at the Faculty of Medicine of Lisbon (Santa Maria Hospital) in 1976/77, having received a scholarship in 1977/78 for the aforementioned postgraduate studies.
From 1978 to 1997, she was a Senior Criminal Examiner at the Judicial Police Scientific Police Laboratory. She trained in the Israeli National Police Laboratory in Jerusalem in 1986 and was present at various stages and congresses in the area of Scientific Police ( Trace Analysis and Explosive Analysis) in Israel, Germany, France and England. He was Coordinator of two Committees of Experts of the Assembly of the Republic, on the “Camarate Case”. He introduced in the LPC / PJ the X-ray Microanalysis and the Scanning Electron Microscope.
He was a guest assistant at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities from 1986/7 to 2004/5 and taught Mathematics Chairs for Social and Human Sciences, Statistics and Quantitative Methods in the Departments of Anthropology, Political Science and International Relations and History.
He has also taught, in recent years, the Chair of Anthropology of Religion in the Department of Anthropology of that Faculty.
He is a member of the “European Society for the Study of Western Esotericism” (chaired by Prof. Wouter Hanegraaff and Antoine Faivre), presented a paper (related to his PhD work) and moderated one of the tables (on religion in Central Asia) at the International Congress on New Religious Movements and Alternative Spiritualities (NMR / EA) at the London School of Economics, an organization of CESNUR (led by Dr. Massimo Introvigne) and INFORM (chaired by Prof. Eileen Barker).
He also presented a communication and moderated a table at the CESNUR International Congress “Changing Gods: between religion and everyday life” in Torino (9-11 September 2010) at the Faculty of Sociology of the local University.
He received his Doctorate in Social and Cultural Anthropology (in the area of Anthropology of Religion and New Religious Movements) at the FCSH / UNL in April 2009, having been unanimously approved and obtained from the Jury the classification of Very Good with Distinction and Praise. In June 2009 he held a conference on the topic of his PhD thesis at the Bucharest People’s University.
He has organized international colloquiums on the Esotericism of Fernando Pessoa and his relations with Aleister Crowley in C.M. Cascais (June 2000) and Casa Fernando Pessoa (April 2009).
He is the President of the Board of Directors (and co-founder, in 2005) of the OSCOT – Observatory for Security, Organized Crime and Terrorism, after having been Vice-President, Executive Secretary and member of its Advisory Board.
Since its founding in 2006, he has been Director of the quarterly magazine “Security and Defense”, having been a member of the Organizing Committee and the Scientific Committee of “1º. National Congress of Security and Defense “that took place in Lisbon on June 24 and 25, 2010.
He has also been a professor over the years of, among others, courses at the Center for Judicial Studies, the Institute of Legal Medicine, the Institute of Sociology and Ethnology of Religions (FCSH / UNL), the National Culture Center, Casa Fernando Pessoa , in the Course of Promotion to Senior Officials of the GNR (at the IESM), at the Rectory of the University of Lisbon and in the Postgraduate and Master’s Courses in “Advanced Studies in Law and Security” at the Faculty of Law of Universidade Nova de Lisboa.
He is Assistant Professor of the Lusíada University of Lisbon where he teaches the chairs of Criminal and Terrorism Organizations in the Degree in Security Policies.
He is a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Higher Institute of Health Sciences “Egas Moniz” (Monte da Caparica), where he teaches and is chair of “Scene II Crime” Chair of the Degree in Forensic and Criminal Sciences. He is a member of the Scientific and Pedagogical Councils of this same Degree and of the Ethics Committee of the same Institute.
He is co-author of the book “The Webs of Terror” (Aeschylus, 2006) and five articles on Religious Violence and Terrorism published in the 2007 Janus Yearbook (UAL / Public) on Religion and Politics.
He is also the author of two articles on Jihadism and Salafism published in the magazine “Security and Defense”, and presented Communications on these topics in Colloquia organized by the Association of Commanders, the League of Combatants, the Society of Geography (Military Sciences Section) and Association of National Defense Course Auditors. He regularly participates as an occasional commentator in various media (newspapers, magazines, radio and TV) on terrorism, organized and violent and serious crime, scientific police and internal security.
He was awarded the silver medal of the C.M. Sintra for the initiative of asking the IPPAR to classify that Quinta as a “property of public interest”.

In June 2016, he was part of the jury of the Master’s thesis that would give rise to this project, at the European University of Lisbon, within the scope of the Master’s degree in Digital Marketing, in which lay the foundations of this online mystic tourism platform in Portugal, MysticPaths.