About us

Travel with your Soul

The concept of tourism linked to spirituality and mysticism has been gaining notoriety against the social and economic context and the search for answers that characterize the human being. A unique and genuinely mystical tourism experience that walks towards multiple theories, communities, places and phenomena.

Society has developed a curiosity based on cultural characteristics deeply rooted in the imaginary and fantastic of secular traditions.

The Mystic Paths tour packages offer the tourist the chance to experience ancient rituals and the mysteries of the Portuguese ancestors with visits to emblematic monuments in Portugal.

An unforgettable experience for those who come in search of places where mysticism and history merge into an ideal setting for our own discovery.

A journey of the soul, to places where Man has always sought the whys, approaching themes to the margin of his intuitive and rational understanding.

"Life is what we make of it. The trips are travelers. What we see is not what we see, but what we are."

Fernando Pessoa