Castelo de Vide

Castelo de Vide

Located in the Alto Alentejo region, the village of Castelo de Vide has plenty to show, houses where each wall tells a story, churches full of faith and sources of fresh water well known for their thermal properties.

The village receives the constant praise of “Sintra do Alentejo” for its romantic features, green gardens and proximity to the São Mamede mountain range.

We are often surprised, whether by the castle surrounded by white houses or by one of the best preserved Jewish houses in Portugal, where the names of the streets and the signs of the cult of Hebrew generations on the granite doors unveil centuries of history.

In this place with a magical aura of low houses and narrow, crooked streets, we are easily enchanted by the charm of the medieval scenery and a delicious gastronomy of sui generis names: sarapatel, tomatada watering holes, cuesta alhada, migas with entrecosto, coentry or liver in the fashion of Castelo de Vide.

In the confectionery, highlight the boleimas, fin cake, scalded cookies, dumplings, curd cheese cakes, dough cake or honey buns.

The tradition of Castelo de Vide revives those same times gone back in its Medieval Market: “a unique and fascinating experience that transports us to a very distant past with tascas, theater, mountaineers, music, and much animation”.


The romantic character of the village of Castelo de Vide, associated with its gardens, abundant vegetation, mild climate and proximity to the São Mamede mountain range, made it known as "Sintra do Alentejo".